It's About

Ever wonder where all your time goes? Well, it turns out it goes the same places you do. And thanks to Pinion, you can effortlessly keep track of the places that matter most to you.

It's Where Your
Heart Is

You determine what places are most important to you. Whether that’s your home, the gym or your favorite coffee shop, it’s up to you.

It's Your
Travel Companion

Land, sea or air – we’re there. With Pinion it’s easy to review your travel history. Whether you’re walking around the city or you’re flying from one to another, we’ve got you covered.

It's Your Secret
Surf Break

Not every place has a name and we’re ok with that. At Pinion, we strive to have more “other” in our lives.

It's an Adventure
Live it

Pinion is so easy to use and the more you use it, the more fun it becomes. So what are you waiting for? Jump right in.

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Yes, It's Battery Efficient